How to change user Password Expiry, Home Directory etc in Linux

When we create a new user in linux by default the user’s home directory is created inside /home but we can change the default login directory so that everytime a user is created, their home directory will be created inside some other specified location. Here is how you can do the same. # less /etc/default/useradd … Read more

How to configure FTP server in Linux

There are many types of services available which can be used to configre FTP server in Linux. In this particular artical I will be showing you the most simple FTP server with least features. As vSFTPD is very fast many rules can be implemented using this server but it depends on the user and requirement. … Read more

How to configure VNC server in Linux (Red Hat)

How to configure VNC server in Linux (Red Hat)

Virtual Network Computing (VNC) is a graphical system that is used to remotely control another computer. It transmits the mouse and keyboard events from one computer to another, relaying the graphical screen updates back in the other direction, over a network. Prerequisites before starting the configuration of VNC server in CentOS 5: Make sure the required … Read more