Understanding RPM package

All of us install multiple rpms while working on our Linux machines. But do you look at the rpm file and ever wonder what does those i586, i686 or any other used similar attributes mean? Let me help you understand a rpm file For example: mysql-5.0.95-5.i386.rpm is a RPM file name for 5 release of … Read more

Vmware Files Description

I always had lot of doubts on the different files used in VMware vSphere and I also have wasted alot of my time on looking out for some website or blog where I can get a proper description of all the files used in VMware Vsphere. Well finally I was successful to collect almost all the required … Read more

Understanding VTOC Disk Management in Solaris

Here I will be giving you a brief overview of the disk partition used in Solaris OS. Disks: Disks consists of the following Tracks – concentric rings on each platter Cylinders – groups of tracks Sectors/Blocks – 512 byte blocks (smallest unit represented on hard disk) On each hard drive there is a platter i.e … Read more

View the history of commands along with time

Generally when we try to view the history of the commands in Linux then we only see all the commands which are used but not the time when they were used. Here i will show you how you can view the time and date when the commands were used. # history | less 1 service … Read more

What is the difference between POP3 and IMAP

A message transfer agent receives mail from either another Mail Transfer Agent (MTA), a Mail Submission Agent (MSA), or a Mail User Agent (MUA). The transmission details are specified by the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP).A MTA works in the background, while the user usually interacts directly with a mail user agent. The most widely … Read more

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