Become an Author at GoLinuxHub

Thank You for your interest in being part of GoLinuxHub Team.

GoLinuxHub was started by a single individual in the year 2012 which is all about sharing knowledge and we would be more than happy and honored to have more of professionals join our team on making this dream turn into a reality. Today we currently have around 300+ articles published on our page and still counting with a monthly readership of more than 100000+ views.

We know we have many talented people out there who are looking for such platform where they can share their knowledge but due to the lack of enough know how on blogging they somehow create a new blog with few articles but then give up eventually because clearly starting a blog from scratch is no easy task.

With GoLinuxHub we can give a chance to every such individual to become a professional blogger and most importantly you need not worry about the website designing, hosting, indexing, feeding etc, leave this headache to us and you just concentrate on being an awesome writer by sharing informational article for our readers.

To become an author at GoLinuxHub

  • you must have prior experience and knowledge on the content you are posting
  • the steps you share in the article must be properly validated and tested in your setup/environment
  • the content must not be copied from some other blog or website or must not be copyrighted
  • the content must follow our standards while representing codes or commands (must be enclosed in proper html codes for better visibility of end user - which we can help you with!!)
  • make sure the article has enough screenshots and images if required to explain the content

We all know success is a path and not destiny. 

As an when we get more authors in our team we will keep re-designing the page to reflect more details and information about the author (based on the profile which is shared to us) who will publish their article so that their effort could be recognised by the readers and they get more exposure out in the public.

How to become an author at GoLinuxHub?

  • You will need a valid gmail id since we are hosting our page using blogger platform which will only accept users with valid 'gmail id'
  • If you are interested send us a message on our Facebook page, mail us at "" or comment using the comment box on this page
  • Send us brief details on the experience you have in the respective field on which you plan to write the article at This detail is just to make sure you have enough know how and working experience on the topic and field you would be publishing the article.
  • Send us your profile details which you would like us to put along with your posts on the website. 
  • Avoid giving any personal details in your profile like the company you work for.
  • We will review the details shared by you and if the profile is suitable we will send you the invite to join our blog, after accepting the invitation you will have the "Author" access for writing new articles.

How will you get paid?

  • Once your article is completed, the same will be reviewed for it's authenticity and content. If the article qualifies our standards the same can be published.
  • After the article gets published the relevant payment as agreed between the author and the admin will be made.
  • Transactions will be done only via PayPal.
Once you join our team we will guide you with a quick cookbook to help you follow our standards while writing an article.

We hold the right to remove any article from our page if we feel the article does not follow our page standards and are in appropriate in any manner for our readers or if we get a complaint that the article is copied from some other copyrighted website. In such case the author solely will be liable and responsible for any legal action which may be required for publishing an illegal and copyrighted content.