Transforming Your Exhibition Space with Shell Scheme Graphics

Normally, once you’ve made your exhibition space known, the chances are that you’ll receive many visitors. Thus, you need to find a good way to make a powerful and lifelong impression on your clients. Fortunately, you can use shell scheme graphics to achieve this important goal. But how can you do that? This write-up has everything you need to know on how to transform your exhibition space with shell scheme graphics.

1. Understand Your Space

Graphic design is great, but before you dive into it, you need to understand your space. Know the size and dimensions of your exhibition space and you’ll have a great starting point. Begin by taking the measurements of the available dimensions. While doing this, you should pay attention to architectural designs, such as the corners and pillars as these are the elements that'll impact the overall design. With this knowledge, you’ll know how best to place the graphics to achieve a smooth integration with the primary structure.

2. Define your Objectives

It's unwise to start your graphic design project with a clear objective. It helps to know the end goal and how to get there. Maybe you intend to launch a brand-new product or even enhance the overall brand visibility. Some people also use shell graphic schemes to enhance client engagement. Ask yourself why you're improving the space and with that, you'll easily do the right thing from start to end. You'll send the right message and within a short time, the difference will become conspicuous.

3. Design a Compelling Theme

Now is the time to come up with a good theme that perfectly resonates with your brand. Remember, the theme should also easily align with the main goals of your exhibition. Many designers normally go for cohesive themes to ensure that their booths are more memorable. While doing this, you should have in mind things like brand fonts, colors, and overall aesthetics. At the end of the day, you want to be as outstanding as possible.

4. Make Engaging Graphics

At this stage, you need to invite an experienced graphic designer to make work easier for you. It's still possible to get an affordable service provider and enjoy premium services. You need attractive visuals that easily convey your brand message without ruining the overall aesthetics of your booth. Try to embrace high-resolution images, vibrant colors, and bold fonts to command attention. Don't forget to strategically include your logo and indicate key messages that share the story of your brand.

5. Utilize Branding Opportunities

While shell scheme graphics are great, they normally have limited spaces. Therefore, you want to maximize every single opportunity you have to showcase your brand. The graphics include header panels that you can use to indicate your brand logo and name. Don’t just put things here and that as that would waste the limited space you have. On the side panels, you can include important brand messages and taglines. You should not overlook the importance of visual elements as they can help reinforce the identity of your brand.

6. Include Interactive Elements

Since you want to make your booth as exciting and engaging as possible, you should not overlook the importance of interactive elements. You need to add a good number of them to your graphics. QR codes are great interactive elements as they can link to your digital content, product demos, and augmented reality experiences. As you can see, with interactive elements, you can share more information than what you have indicated on the shell scheme graphics.

7. Consider Lighting

Nothing works better than good lighting. Think about giving your booth enough lighting that showcases what you have included in your shell scheme graphics. By doing this, you can greatly improve the overall performance of your booth. For instance, you can leverage spotlights to underline the key areas. Another great idea is to use a spotlight to create a focal point. This is the area that contains the most important information you want to share with your audience. With well-light graphics, you won’t struggle to get the attention of your audience, and they’ll also appreciate your efforts.

8. Test the Design

Before the main exhibition date, you want to taste your graphics design in a real booth. This method can help you pinpoint any issues that might negatively impact the overall performance of your exhibition. Check the sizing, visibility, placement, etc. Make the necessary adjustments to ensure that your graphics stand out.


You need to be thoughtful and careful when using the shell scheme graphics to improve your exhibition. Consider the points above and the chances are that you will never go wrong. For instance, you want to understand your space and the key elements of your booth before you commence the graphic design process. By doing the right thing, you can easily take the performance of your brand to the next level.