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    Saturday, June 24, 2017

    sed: insert word or text after match in middle of the line

    I have a file where I want to search for a particular string and append some text after the match in the same line..

    For eg
    This is test
    Here it must become
    This is not test
    # echo "This is test" |sed 's/\<is\>/& not/'
    This is
    not test

    NOTE: Here since in the same line I had "is" twice i.e. once in "This" and another "is" so I have used < > to specifically look for "is" and nothing else

    You can also append a text after "This"

    For eg:
    This is test
    Here it must become
    This not is test
    # echo "This is test" |sed 's/\<This\>/& not/'
    not is test

    How to do "in place" replacement in a file?

    This can be done using "-i" flag with sed command as shown in below example.
    # sed -i 's/\<is\>/& not/' /tmp/filename
    This will do the magic in the same file,

    IMPORTANT NOTE :  Do not use this unless you are very sure the command will not impact anything else, it is always recommended to take a backup of such file where you plan to do in place replacement

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