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  • Solve "You'll have to kill the Xvnc process manually"

    In my last article I have shared step by step guide to configure VNC server in Linux.

    This is a common error related to vncserver. Once you are trying to start your vncserver you might get this error. This generally occurs if you have not followed proper configuration step before starting the service. So this leaves you with very few option to solve. Either you can manually kill the process or you can follow proper configuration steps and use a different login session no. for vncserver.

    # service vncserver restart
    Shutting down VNC server: 2:root [FAILED]
    Starting VNC server: 2:root A VNC server is already running as :2 [FAILED]

    # vncserver -kill :2
    Can't find file /root/.vnc/server.example.com:2.pid
    You'll have to kill the Xvnc process manually


    I manually tried to kill the session but did not work. So finally I had assign a different session no. for root.

    # vi /etc/sysconfig/vncservers

    # service vncserver restart
    Shutting down VNC server: 3:root                          
    Starting VNC server: 3:root
    New 'server.example.com:3 (root)' desktop is server.example.com:3

    Starting applications specified in /root/.vnc/xstartup
    Log file is /root/.vnc/server.example.com:3.log            [  OK  ]

    Solve "You'll have to kill the Xvnc process manually" Solve "You'll have to kill the Xvnc process manually" Reviewed by admin on Thursday, December 13, 2012 Rating: 5


    1. Find PID (process id )number of this session by using
      ps -ef | grep vnc

      e.g. john is your username
      john 712 1 0 00:01 ?

      Here 712 is the pid

      You can kill this pid directly by using
      kill :712

    2. @good spirit :
      command is
      kill 712
      kill :712

    3. What are the proper configuration steps to start the VNC server?


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