Connecting two IP PBX box using SIP Trunk

Lab Environment

Suppose you have two IP PBX box one at INDIA and other at US and you want to integrate all the SIP extensions created on both the server with each other so that they can make calls to each other.

IP PBX 1 (India)

SIP Extension : 1000, 1001


IP PBX 2 (United States)

SIP Extension : 2000, 2001

We will have to create an internal SIP Trunk connecting both the PBX box. Follow the below mentioned steps to do the same

Configuring IP PBX for server

 Click on Connectivity and select Add SIP Trunk

Name you Trunk for my case SIP_Trunk_to_US
Configure your Outgoing and incoming settings as shown below. Create a user for incoming calls and one for outgoing which will be used on the US server for authentication purpose.


Configuring IP PBX on (US)

 Open the SIP Trunk as shown above with the following configuration. Use any Trunk Name as in my case SIP_Trunk_to_IN

Configure the Outgoing and incoming settings as shown below. Be sure you use the same user for incoming which you used for outgoing in INDIA SIP Trunk.

Save and apply the configuration. Now we need to configure outbound routes on both the servers

IP PBX (India)

Click on Connectivity and select Outbound Route

Configure the route as shown below
The dial plan I have used is X. which means that any extension from IN can call to any extension in US.


Configure Outbound trunk with the following settings

Click on Submit and Apply the configuration on both the servers
On the home page of your PBX web console you should be able to see IP Trunk Online

Now you should be able to make calls from 1000 to 2000 i.e from India PBX to US PBX.
Let me know your success and failure.