How to configure iSCSI storage using openfiler for Linux and Windows based clients

In my last post I had shown you the steps to install openfiler. Now let me show you the steps required
to configure an iSCSI storage using openfiler.

Assuming that you have already installed openfiler and you the browser access to the server machine.

Follow the instructions below along with the screenshots

Click on System from the TAB menu as shown below

1. Give a proper name to your subnet

2. Mention the subnet range for which you will be using this iSCSi Storage.

3. Select proper netmask value for your subnet
4. Select share option from the drop down menu
5. Click on update to save the configuration
NOTE: In case you have multiple subnets then you will have to create separate entry for each subnet. 
Once you click on update the configuration will be saved and should be visible like as shown below

Now next job is to create a Physical Volume for the Storage. Click on Volume TAB and select " Create New Physical Volumes" as shown in the box below

Click on /dev/sda as shown in the below box to get a list of partition in the system

Once you click on /dev/sda scroll down the page where you can see the below options i.e. free disk space which you can utilize for configuring your storage.

Create your partition with the configuration shown below
1. It should be a Physical Volume
2. The partition should be primary

Next step is to create Volume Groups with the created Physical Volumes in last step. Click on "Volume Groups" option shown in the right section of your openfiler page as shown below

Now assign a name to your volume group and click on "Add volume group" as shown below

Once the last step is done you should be able to see your volume group as shown below

Now click on Volume TAB where you can see the below shown image.
1. Assign a Volume Name
2. Assign the space for Volume
3. Select block (iSCSI, FC) from the drop down menu for iSCSI storage

Once you click on create you should be able to see your Logical Volume as shown below

Now you need to start the required services
Click on Services TAB as shown below

Start and enable the iSCSI Target services as shown in the below image

Once the services are started it is time to create the iSCSi target.
Click on iSCSI Target from the TAB menu in the right side of openfiler page

You should be able to see a page as shown below. Click on Add to add the iSCSi target

Once you click on Add another alternate target name is created as shown below. But one target name is enough for out demonstration so you can leave this option as it is and move for the next step

Now click on LUN Mapping option from the TAB menu as shown below and clip on "Map" to map the Volume Group storage we just created.

As soon as you click on Map you should get something like the below shown image

Now click on Network ACL TAB and allow connections from the subnet we had created in our very first step. According to this you are allowing connections from the defined subnet

In case you want you can also configure CHAP authentication using the relative option from the TAB menu.
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