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  • How to find/view all the members of a group in Linux

    Now in Linux we have two types of groups
    • Primary Group
    • Secondary Group

    View all the members of the primary group

    First you need to know the GID of the group of whoose members you want to query for

    # grep "group_name" /etc/group
    # grep dba /etc/group

    Now grep that GID to get list of users under dba group
    # grep 503 /etc/passwd

    View all the members of the secondary group

    To do this we have a no. of methods

    Method 1
    # getent group dba

    Method 2
    # grep dba /etc/group

    Method 3
    # groupmems -g "group_name" -l
    # groupmems -g dba -l
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