VMware Workstation throws internal error when powering on VM

I was surprised to get this error every time I made an attempt to power on a vm in my VMware Workstation 10. Well it is not much of a big issue, so just thought to post a solution for it.


This happens because the VMware Workstation services has not been started.

Start the required services for VMware Workstation using the steps below

Open the run prompt and run the services.msc as shown below

The Services window will come on screen. Look out for VMware Workstation Server from the list of services

Click on Start the service

Verify if the service is started

Also make sure the service starts automatically from next time to avoid these steps in future. Right click the service and open the properties dialog box

Select Automatic from the drop down option and also verify the service is started as shown below and click on OK to apply the setting

I hope I made my self clear.

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