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  • Linux General and Permission (QUIZ)

    NOTE: Each correct answer will give you 5 points

    1. Which command would you use to check the path of mv command?
    2. where mv
      findout mv
      path mv
      which mv

    3. Which command would you use to edit events 56 to 60 using text editor emacs?
    4. !! emacs
      emacs -e 56 61
      fc -e emacs
      fc -e emacs 56 61

    5. What is the syntax for the command you use to re-execute a specific even or command?
    6. fc !!
      fc !s
      fc -e texteditor command
      fc -s command

    7. What command do you use to view the range of commands from event 23 to 33?
    8. fc -l 23 33
      fc -l 23 to 33
      fc -r 23 33
      history 23 33

    9. Which command would you use to restrict the CPU time usage for a user's session?
    10. edquota
      ps -aux | grep getty

    11. Which component of the Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM) facility performs the authentication operation?
    12. Configuration file procedure

    13. Which command would you use to set full permission for the owner and group and no permission to other users on the files /home/projects/database?
    14. chmod 660 /home/projects/database
      chmod 440 /home/projects/database
      chmod 550 /home/projects/database
      chmod 770 /home/projects/database

    15. What does the command fsck /dev/sda1 does?
    16. fsck resets the file permissions on the file system /dev/sda1
      fsck repairs the msdos filesystem on /dev/sda1
      fsck repairs the UNIX file system on /dev/sda1
      fsck unmounts the filesystem and then repairs /dev/sda1

    17. What is the main purpose of mounting the file system?
    18. To change permission of the filesystem
      To change the ownership of the filesystem
      To check and repair the filesystem
      To connect the filesystem to the UNIX root filesystem

    19. Which command will display date and time?
    20. echo date
      echo $DATE
      echo "date"
      echo `date`

    21. Which command will take you to the Documents directory inside your home directory?
    22. cd /home/Documents
      cd ~/Documents
      cd /Documents
      cd /root/Documents

    23. Which command clones the content of one device to another?
    24. cp

    25. Which cp command option enables you to copy the contents of a directory and its subdirectories?
    26. -r

    27. Which wc command option returns number of characters in a file?
    28. -l

    29. Which command would you use to send a kill signal to all the processes that are running kpoker command?
    30. kill -6 poker
      kill -HUP poker
      killall -KILL poker
      kill poker

    31. Which command can you use to cause the automatic compilation of source files?
    32. configure
      make install

    33. Which file is generated by the configure command?
    34. make.conf

    35. Which runlevel indicates that the system is in multiuser mode running the graphical login program?
    36. 3

    37. Which of the below file can be used to add a banner in your Linux machine?
    38. /etc/banner

    39. How many KILL signal are there by default in a Linux system?
    40. 61

    41. Which UNIX service requires TCP wrappers to perform IP based access control?
    42. cron

    43. Which command do you use to access /var/log/messages file?
    44. last

    45. Which command can you use to make /var/log/errors utilize less space in the directory?
    46. compress

    47. Which option would you use to force the logrotate program to rotate the log files?
    48. logrotate -d
      logrorate -f
      logrotate -r
      logrotate -s

    49. Which command tells the logrotate program to retain logs for a month?
    50. compress 4
      create 4
      rotate 4

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