How to collect/generate "Show All" report for HP c-Class Blade Enclosures

There are multiple methods to generate "SHOW ALL" report of Onboard Administrator and Virtual Connect of a HP C-Class Enclosure.

A Show All report would be the first thing requested by HPE engineers to debug a case or issue observed on the enclosure or blades.

How to collect OA Show All report using OA GUI?

Login to Onboard Administration GUI using a browser having java.

Next navigate to "Enclosure Settings" -> "Configuration Scripts" under "Systems and Devices" as shown below

Click on "SHOW ALL" which will generate the report on a new TAB of the browser.
NOTE: It may take some time for the complete report to get generated


How to collect OA Show All report using vcsu?

VCSU stands for virtual connect support utility. This can be used to collect OA as well as Virtual Conect (VC) Show All report and the same can be used on Linux as well as Windows platform.
Download vcsu using the below link for Windows Platform
NOTE: This link takes you to a third party website.
Install the vcsu utility on your laptop/desktop and navigate to the below folder.
C:\Program Files (x86)\Hewlett Packard Enterprise\Virtual Connect Support Utility
The above location may vary depending upon the vcsu version and architecture.
Here click "VCSU-CommandPrompt.cmd" or open a "command prompt" by clicking "Shift + Right mouse (touchpad) button" and select "Open command window here" as shown below

And type the below command in the provided syntax on the command window

vcsu -a  collect -i <OA_IP> -u HPadmin -p <OA_HPadmin_Password> -vcu HPadmin -vcp <VC_HPadmin_Password>

For eg:

vcsu -a  collect -i -u HPadmin -p Passw0rd -vcu HPadmin -vcp Passw0rd
C:\Program Files (x86)\Hewlett Packard Enterprise\Virtual Connect Support Utility>vcsu -a  collect -i -u HPadmin -p Passw0rd -vcu HPadmin -vcp Passw0rd
 HPE BladeSystem c-Class Virtual Connect Support Utility
 Version 1.12.0 (Build 16)
 Build Date: Mar 29 2016 07:18:21
 Copyright (C) 2006-2016 Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development LP
 All Rights Reserved
SUCCESS: Collect information saved
Total execution time: 00:04:53
VCSU log file is available at the following location:

The logs are stored inside "C:\Users\deepakAppData\Local\Temp" with below names


NOTE: Using this tool you can generate both OA and VC Show All reports and using the same commands the reports can be generated using a Linux platform.
I hope the article was useful.
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