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  • How to fix "Software selection (Source changed - please verify)"

    This is one of the most common error you will face if you are working on unattended Red Hat Linux installation where you have a customised list of Packages.


    This error basically means that the list of rpms you planned on installation has one or many dependency issues hence the installation is halted unless you fix the dependency in your parent repository.

    How do we find out which dependency is giving this nightmare?
    • Connect to the GUI console of the node which is failing, for me it is VMware so I am connected to the "console"
    • Clock inside the console
    • Press "Alt+F2" to switch the console and get the shell prompt
    NOTE: Here F2 or any higher button can be used to switch between different terminals. Your installation was running on first terminal so to switch back to the installation console anytime you can press "Alt + F1"

    • Navigate to /tmp directory as it contains your anaconda logs which will help you troubleshoot the problem 
    NOTE: Once the installation succeeds these installation logs will be copied from "/tmp" to "/var/log/anaconda"

    • Open the "packaging.log" which will contain your rpm dependency check related logs
    # less packaging.log
    scroll to the last line (Press shift + G)

    As you can see there was dependency check fail for nscd rpm, now you can go back and fix this on your parent repository and restart the installation.

    I will just give some briefs on how to fix this
    • Go to your server which has the repository which is used for this installation
    # cd /export/home/iserver/linux/install/Linux/rhel7_64/ExtraPackages/
    • Copy the needed dependency glibc with the specified version inside the repo
    • Re-create the repodate using 
    # createrepo /export/home/iserver/linux/install/Linux/rhel7_64/ExtraPackages/
    Spawning worker 0 with 30 pkgs
    Workers Finished
    Saving Primary metadata
    Saving file lists metadata
    Saving other metadata
    Generating sqlite DBs
    Sqlite DBs complete

    Next restart the installation of the respective target node, things should be fine unless you have more dependency failures.

    I hope the article was helpful.

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