Step by step tutorial guide with screenshots to Install and Configure VMware ESXi 6.5

Download the ISO from VMware and write it to DVD or Pendrive  in bootable mode.

NOTE: If the target blade has iLO console then you can directly mount the downloaded ISO using the iLO virtual media

Insert the DVD in server and start the server with bootable media as DVD or pendrive

After loading the image it will prompt with warning message as

Enter to continue the setup

Press F11 to accept the License Agreement and continue

It will load all the available devices on the server and prompt for selecting storage devices. It will show all the local and remote storage devices. here I have only one storage device so I will select it and enter to continue

Select the keyboard layout you are using. here I am using US so selecting the US default keyboard layout

Enter the root password to manage the server and enter to continue

Press F11 to start the installation

Once the installation is completed remove the DVD or Pen-drive and press Enter to reboot the server.

Once the server is UP post reboot it will start loading the Esxi 6.5 which will take a while.
Wait for the below screen to appear on the console

If you have the DHCP server in the network it will take the IP automatically. you can use this IP to access vSpere web client or you can follow below steps to configure the static IP to the network:

Configure Static network for the ESXi

1. Click F2 to Customise system. Enter the root password which we have set at the time of installation.

2. Go to Configure Management Network and hit Enter

3. Go to Network Adapter and select the correct adapter which you want to use it as management network adapter.

Then go to IPv4 configuration

4. Select Set static IPv4 address and fill all the required tabs then click OK

5. Go to DNS configuration and fill all the DNS servers and Hostname for the server.

6. Press Esc key to go back to the main console and then Y when the below windows prompts to save and Restart the Management network

7. Select Test Management Network in main menu and click enter to start the test

If the gateway and DNS test pass then your Network configuration is correct or else you have made some mistake while configuring the Management network

NOTE: If the Hostname doesn't resolve then make entry for the proper host name in your DNS server. If the Resolving hostname fails you can use the IP to access.

To connect to vSphere Web client go to any browser and enter the IP with https:// then an certificate error page appears

Click Advanced and proceed to the website unsafe. it will prompt to vSphere Web client

Provide the correct root username and password and login to Esxi 6.5 Web client

I hope the article was useful