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  • Step by Step Guide to Install and configure VCSA 6.5 with Embedded Platform Service Controller

    VCSA i.e. vCenter Server Appliance is pre-configured linux virtual machine which is bundled with VMware vCenter Server. Here we are deploying VCSA with embedded PSC.

    Download the VCSA ISO from VMware website and then extract the files from ISO

    Here I am going to show how to install VCSA using windows machine

    Navigate to ~\vcsa-ui-installer\win32\ in it run the installer as administrator

    Click install to start the process

    Click Next

    Accept End user License Agreement and click Next

    Here I am installing vCenter server with Embedded PSA so keep it default and click Next

    Enter the Esxi host or vCenter server details with credentials where you want to deploy VCSA then click Next

    Click Yes for certificate warning.

    NOTE: This certificate warning we are getting because I don't have valid certificate installed in my Esxi server. If you have valid certificate installed you will not get this warning

    Once you click Yes it will validate the credentials and prompt to next window
    Provide the VM name and assign the root password for VCSA and click Next

    Select deployment size according to your requirement and click next.
    NOTE : If you are not sure keep it as default

    Select the datastore where you want to deploy VCSA and click Next.
    NOTE: Check the box for Enable Thin Disk Mode if you want to use thin provisioning

    Select the Network and fill all the networking parameters required. You can enter the System name if you have valid hostname entry in your DNS server or else you can leave it empty and it will be automatically field with your provided IP address.

    Click Next

    Review all the settings and for any mistakes go back and re enter. once you click Finish you will be not able to change some of the parameters. click Finish

    Once you click Finish it will start deploying the VCSA in the provided host and it should be finished with below screen if everything goes well.

    Chandan Gowda

    Chandan Gowda is a VMware Certified Administrator having more than 4 years of experience in the IT industry. He is here to share his expertise and knowledgebase on VMware, Linux/Unix, Jenkins, Networking and many more topics.

    You can follow him on Linkedin

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    Step by Step Guide to Install and configure VCSA 6.5 with Embedded Platform Service Controller Step by Step Guide to Install and configure VCSA 6.5 with Embedded Platform Service Controller Reviewed by chandan on Monday, March 05, 2018 Rating: 5

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