Why Choose Desktop and Why Choose Mobile Gaming?

Mobile vs. Desktop Gambling - Which One Floats Your Boat

As an old-timer in the iGaming industry, I definitely have a thing or two to say. I was there when it all started in 1993. Microgaming had just launched its first online casino, and we were quite excited to see casino games appear on the Internet for the first time. One site to have been continuously reviewing all changes in the industry is https://holymolycasinos.com/. And it’s a good thing that somebody has kept watch! For the next several years, online casinos continued to evolve, offering all sorts of bonuses and great gaming options.
And then the 2010s came and with them – the mobile revolution began. To be honest, handheld gaming started rather timidly, and nobody took it very seriously. But then, the Internet became omnipresent and much cheaper. Satellites kept going up in orbit and broadband became more comfortable to get by and all of this to one single end – making mobile technologies more accessible.
Of course, there were many technological advances regarding the build of mobile devices. The ‘brick’ design lost its appeal thanks to Apple and Microsoft, who started launching a number of products. Most notably, Apple launched its iPhone in 2007 and sort of made it possible for gamers to play on the go.
Today, mobile is the norm.

Mobile Gaming is the Norm

There is absolutely no doubt about that either. This form of gambling is a preferred option by many gamers who are eager to play without being tied down to a chair or a desktop computer. This is understandable. The feeling of being entirely free for as you please is quite refreshing.
For example, people in New Jersey place 80% of their bets online. In the United Kingdom, over 60% of all players rely on their mobile devices to play casino games. The pull of the handheld device is reliable.
But why? Mobile devices don’t offer better features than their counterparts. However, they beat desktop in one key variable – accessibility. Many people like to fill in the hours of their commute with activities.
Having a quick session while on your way back from work, could free up for other things that you enjoy to do and you don’t necessarily have to commit to a specific place or time-frame to enjoy what you consider a beloved hobby.
In fact, the trend that endorses handheld devices is so strong that casinos have begun releasing all sorts of dedicated iOS and Android apps.

Good Things to Say About Desktop Gaming as Well

But then again, a desktop has its charm. Not least of all, you get to benefit from a lot of screen real estate if you choose desktop gaming. True, all devices are capable of rendering resolution in just the right dimensions for you, but a handful will match the design crispness of a 30” monitor.
Ultimately it all comes to personal preferences. What truly matters, for the most part, is finding a website that can recommend you both great desktop and mobile casinos. Keen on playing online? Make sure you pick from the best casino sites!