How Advanced Technology Enhances Digital Marketing Effectiveness

Digital marketing is one of the most fast-evolving spheres in business and marketing. With the emergence of sophisticated innovations such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), chatbots, voice search optimization, programmatic advertising, and many others, digital marketing has expanded its opportunities and outreach.
If you look at how Introduces Rush Order Essay-Writing Service and uses digital marketing innovations to promote its services, you will better understand its immense potential for your business. In this article, we want to discuss in more detail the most promising innovations in digital marketing and their potential application.

Augmented Reality

The COVID-19 pandemic gave a solid boost to this innovation. In 2020, millions of people were locked in their homes without an opportunity to try the products they wanted to buy. Due to AR technology, they gained an opportunity to try on makeup, clothes, shoes, and various home-related products without directly interacting with them. This way, AR replaced cosmetic samples and fitting rooms, greatly improving customer experiences and satisfaction with services.

According to Forbes, AR has become a game-changer for beauty brands that lost a significant share of revenues because of the closure of physical stores across the globe. For example, UltaBeauty, Armani, Chanel, and others have recently introduced their virtual try-on services allowing customers to choose cosmetics that fit them using their smartphone or laptop cameras.
Notably, AR allows for greater personalization of services and can be adjusted to many businesses other than beauty and retail (e.g., construction, tourism, health, etc.).

Artificial Intelligence

Contemporary businesses collect and process an immense body of customer data, which would be impossible to do without AI technology. AI helps analyze customers’ preferences and interests and personalize advertisements more accurately. For example, a student spending much time online looking for academic sources may often encounter the “buy essay” ads on their browser. Large companies such as Amazon use AI-based algorithms to customize offers, which leads to increased sales and customer engagement.
In addition, AI can be used to obtain valuable information that facilitates decision-making and customer engagement. For instance, this technology can help analyze user behavior online and provide recommendations about the type of content customers are looking for and posts they read more often. Thus, AI makes digital marketing smarter and more targeted, allowing to save human and financial resources.



Automated conversations with users are a common practice in contemporary digital marketing. Chatbots allow answering simple and most common questions without engaging people, thus saving resources and facilitating user experience. Once a customer messages a chatbot, the company can use the information from these messages to adjust and personalize informational messages.
For example, a student looking for an academic writing service contacts a chatbot on the Pay for Essay website. He asks about the prices and specific types of papers he wants to be completed. The company can analyze his questions and adjust its future ads accordingly to provide an unprecedented level of personalized, one-on-one communication.
However, companies need to recognize the limitations of chatbots. This technology is in no way a replacement for human communication. Chatbots help to establish contact and collect the initial information so that digital marketers can step in and engage customers more meaningfully. Given that people are expecting personalized services, companies still need to provide human-human communication.
It is also crucial to avoid using chatbots as a spamming tool because it will likely scare customers off and affect your reputation.

Voice Search Optimization

An increasing number of customers use voice search to obtain information. Voice search queries are conversational and may differ considerably from traditional search. As a result, companies need to conduct voice search optimization to ensure that their keywords are relevant. In other words, it’s time for businesses to analyze how their customers talk and what they ask when they are looking for products and services. The use of long-tailed keywords and direct answers in the website content is thus essential to target the customer population that uses voice search. For instance, it may be helpful to incorporate question-based keywords in articles and blog posts (e.g., “how to find a search for an experienced essay ghostwriter?”).

Summing Up

To conclude, your digital marketing strategy should evolve along with technological innovations. It would be best to consider using AI, AR, chatbots, and voice search optimization in your digital marketing strategy; otherwise, you won’t be able to maintain a competitive advantage in the fast-developing business sphere.