Top Most Used and Popular Mobile Apps in 2021

With the advent of technology, life has changed dramatically. With the advent of mobile applications, many things have become much easier and faster to do. There are millions of apps available from the Apple App Store and Google Play, but not all of them are in demand. The reasons for this are different: from the lack of demand for a niche to the incorrect attitude of developers to work with clients. There is a list of popular mobile apps in demand in many countries around the world and most used in 2021.

List of the Most Popular Mobile Applications

Applications that are always in demand belong to the categories of social networks, instant messengers, service delivery, and entertainment. Here is a list of what users install most often:

  • WhatsApp.
  • Telegram.
  • Snapchat.
  • Messenger.
  • TikTok.
  • Instagram.
  • Facebook.
  • Zoom.
  • Uber.
  • Amazon.
  • YouTube.
  • Netflix.
  • Online casino.

All of these apps are popular with the majority of Apple App Store and Google Play users, regardless of country.

Popular Messengers

Among the most popular messengers are WhatsApp, Telegram, Snapchat, and Messenger. In these applications, people can chat, hold conferences, share photos and videos.


Popular free messenger with over 1.5 billion users. The developers of the mobile application took care of the security of customer data using end-to-end encryption. Many users are attracted by the Pin-drop function, which allows you to share your location with friends.


Telegram is also popular with internet users. The audience of the application consists of over 500 million users. In the messenger, you can create communities and groups, as well as to conduct business. The application provides various marketing opportunities that attract businessmen.


The application was created for both entertainment and business. Snapchat has an audience of over 200 million users. These are mainly young people and adolescents. Many businessmen use the program as a convenient marketing tool.


It is one of the most popular communication media in the United States of America. By 2021, the number of users will exceed 2.4 billion. The application is used for professional and personal communication.

Social Media

It is difficult to imagine how we would live if there were no social media. Thanks to applications such as Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook, you can share important news with friends, follow the latest events, and always be in trend.


It is one of the largest social media in the world with over 1.4 billion users. Many people use Instagram not only for entertainment, communication but also for business. The developers have even created business accounts in addition to the standard ones. The application provides great possibilities for editing photos and videos.


It is the most downloaded and popular app of 2021 with over 2 billion downloads. The beginning of TikTok's popularity came just during a tough quarantine when everyone was forced to stay at home. Statistics show that 90% of users visit the application daily. On average, a person spends 52 minutes a day at TikTok.


It is a legendary social network with an incredible number of users around the world. It is designed for personal communication and business. The platform has a lot of marketing and advertising, which many business account owners use with pleasure.


An extremely important application that became relevant during quarantine. When many employees were forced to work from home, Zoom became an effective video conferencing tool. In 2021, the app was downloaded over 38 million times.


The application is in demand in more than 70 countries around the world. Uber is a unique program that allows everyone who has a car and a driver's license to earn money. The developers of the application took care of the smooth operation of the payment system, as well as the accurate operation of the GPS navigator.


It is one of the largest trading platforms in the world. Almost anything can be ordered on Amazon, with worldwide delivery. Many businessmen have already taken their business to the international level with this application.


Even young children know what YouTube is. It is the most popular video platform in the world. Everyone can start creating their own unique and useful content. Successful users of the platform monetize their activities, which becomes their main source of income.


Netflix is ​​the largest and most popular multimedia platform on the Internet. The app works by subscription and offers quality content. Netflix has over 204 million paying subscribers. Clients are attracted by the variety and quality of content, parental control, and the possibility of family subscriptions.

Online Casino

Gambling has always been in demand, but since land-based casinos are prohibited in Norway, online casinos are gaining popularity. There are many different casinos for mobile out there, but not all applications are fair. You can get acquainted with the list and reviews of reliable gambling establishments here beste casino bonus. Online casinos are popular because they allow you to have a great time and make good profits.
Every year there are more and more applications for mobile phones, which makes it possible for a person to choose the best for himself. Many applications make life easier, brighter, and more fun.