The best screen recorders in 2021. What will be popular in 2022?

Screen recording software captures the screen of your smartphone, computer, or its parts. You can record everything from typing a URL and explaining how a certain program works to online classes and business meetings. Thus, not depending on whether you are a student, worker, gamer, or blogger, using an HD screen recorder can simplify your life. But with only one condition – if you choose a good one. And below, we will tell you about top-5 screen recorders to consider.

1. OBS Studio

OBS Studio was initially created for live streaming. Most gamers on Twitch use it to broadcast the games, although the program is also used to capture videos of all kinds. And the best part is that it is absolutely free to use. With the help of OBS, you can record the screen on Mac or any other device and add as many cameras and displays as your device can handle. You can position elements by clicking and dragging and control the process with hotkeys. To add the Start Streaming button to the main menu, you just need to open the Settings and paste stream keys in the live streaming section. In total, there are 80 platforms in the section, including Facebook, Pandora TV, and Youtube.

2. Movavi Screen Recorder

The second most popular screen recorder that will surely be popular in 2022 is Movavi. It is a mid-level app with a built-in editor and a great record quality. You can capture screens and sounds, add personalization to the videos, and share files in all possible formats.
But what makes Movavi stand out is their scheduled captures. You can record streams or webinars even if you are away. Just set the timeline and duration of the record, and Movavi will do the rest. This screen recorder is free to use, although you’ll have to tolerate a watermark in the center of the video. To make it go away and use a bunch of great customization features, you can pay $39.95 for a lifetime personal license.

3. Screencast-O-Matic

The next screen recorder we are going to discuss is Screencast-O-Matic which supports screens and webcams and has a great video editor. It allows recording in different definitions, so if speed is your priority, you can choose 640 x 480 and upload quick videos.
Screencast also helps with drawing and zooming, sharing videos on YouTube without a need to download any applications, and editing audio. The basic version is free to use, but most editing features are available in a paid mode: $1.50 per month.

4. Loom

According to the company’s representatives, over 12 million people use Loom’s screen recorder, which is rather impressive. Here is what this program offers:

  • Fast recording of screens and apps with or without cameras
  • Instant sharing via copied links
  • Convenient editing due to a built-in editor with lots of customization features
  • Posting videos and allowing viewers to leave comments and emojis
  • Setting passwords, so that your video can be viewed only upon request

There are three sign-up plans. The Starter one is free and allows up to 25 videos per person or 50 Creators Lite. The Business plan costs $8 per month and includes unlimited creators, videos, and recording length. The Enterprise plan includes everything from the Business plan plus SSO, advanced content privacy, and SCIM. The price is negotiable.

5. FlashBack

It is a simple and convenient Windows screen recorder for users who don’t need advanced editing features. The interface is handy and intuitive, so it is suitable even if you are a complete beginner. Users can capture their web cameras, screens, and microphones and then add images, arrows, and other graphical elements through a built-in editor.
FlashBack’s biggest advantages include recording several monitors, adding watermarks, exporting in different formats, and zooming. However, it’s quite hard to alter existing demos and track the movement of recorded windows. This recorder costs $49 for one device and has a free 30-day trial period.



Screen recording software is a magic wand for those who want to remember important information and create valuable content. And there is no need to pay a fortune because all the programs mentioned above are either free or come at an affordable price. Read the descriptions attentively, and you’ll surely find a great screen recorder.