How Long Does it Take to Create an Efficient Application?

The necessary time for developing a fully-functional program varies on the subtle nature of the project. If we are talking about a plain alarm clock with no sophisticated configurations, an experienced developer will need a few days.

On the other hand, all modern money-making applications were created (and are updated) by huge teams of designers and engineers. Some versions can take up to a year for the creation of a stable build. So, what affects the necessary time for the assembly of a functional program?

Duration Based on the Evidence

In 2013, a huge poll was conducted on this topic. The Kinvey group surveyed more than a hundred mobile app developers. During the study, the experts had to estimate how long it could take to assemble the main aspects of the application for Android or iOS.
After evaluating the data, Kinvey discovered that it takes about 19 weeks (4.5 months) to create a native app. 60% of the time would be spent on the backend and 40% on the frontend.

Another research worth being mentioned took place in 2017 by GoodFirms. The organisation polled dozens of tech corporations, inquiring about the estimated period of developing apps like Instagram, WhatsApp, and Uber.
Based on surveys, it was concluded that a full team of creators is capable of the following:

  1. Multifunctional applications like Instagram and Uber take 5 months to forge.
  2. Medium-difficulty programs like WhatsApp or TikTok involve 4 months to design.
  3. Applications with fewer functions like Tinder can be launched in 3 months.

Both studies show that the assembly of a mobile program is a process of 12–20 weeks on average. Naturally, depending on the intricacy and deepness of the app, these terms may vary.


Structure of the Elaboration Process

The first thing that needs to be done during the preparation is a clarification of what kind of application the team is going to work on. After collecting the necessary information, the manager submits the completed brief for evaluation to the development department.


Preliminary Estimate of Cost

Analysts calculate how much it will take to elaborate an app. It is vital to keep in mind that the initial summary of financial contributions and final price list may be different. The exact amount of the application advancement costs can be calculated only after the preparation of the reference terms.


Prototype Design

To see how the program will work, it is essential to create a mock-up first. It will be the layout of the future application. The analysts’ team must think over the logic of the prototype and the user’s path in it. At this stage, the marketing department may suggest adjusting the idea and consider the peculiarities of the target audience as well as the tasks that are to be solved with the product.
As soon as the prototype is ready, the analysts’ team coordinates the application with the manager. If necessary, changes are made, and the project gets transferred to the designer. This department determines the style of the application with the help of the concept of iOS Human Interface and Material Design Guidance.


Preparation of Technical Specifications

The terms of reference are drawn up by an analyst based on approved prototypes and describe:

  • the functionality of the mobile application;
  • transitions;
  • business processes;
  • main scenarios;
  • methods for receiving and transmitting data.

As soon as the terms of reference are ready, the manager can accurately estimate the cost of the project.


First Release of the Product

For complex start-ups, it is recommended to create the minimum viable version. It is necessary to test users’ reactions to the application. The analysts’ team should determine the functionality required for the first release. It is also possible to develop a server for managing the mobile application and its API for transferring data.



The program is then checked for bugs using the following inspection procedures:

  • Smoke Test;
  • Manual Functional Testing;
  • Automated Functional Testing;
  • Monkey Exerciser.

If any malfunctioning or errors are noticed, programming engineers and designers should work on eliminating the bugs. Firebase Analytics is a great tool for reviewing statistics and analysis of user behaviour in the application.


Final Release of the Product

After nuances have been covered, it is time to share the program in the Google Play Market and the App Store. In order to do this, a manager will need to create a developer’s account. A one-time registration fee of $25 will be charged for signing up for Play Market. To register in the App Store, it is necessary to pay $99 and wait for confirmation for 2 weeks.


Regular Updates

To keep the audience interested in the application, constant improvements, as well as interaction with users, is necessary. A great example here is gambling development. Turnkey casino applications are regularly complemented with numerous additions according to modern technological advancement.

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