About Me

My name is Deepak Prasad. Currently I am working as a Sr. R&D Engineer in an IT Company at Bangalore.
This online blog writing idea just popped up in my mind when I felt I am forgetting all the work I did like the steps I used for configuration or troubleshooting some error logs so I decided to prepare a note and in this 21st century rather than carrying a text book and a pen along with me noting down the points I would rather prefer Internet Blogging. And also this way I might help other individuals as well looking out for something similar which I have posted on my blog. So this is how my blog work started..
Initially it was just for fun and nothing more than that so I was not much concerned about explaining all the commands but eventually I decided to spread it as a tutorial site as it had my own personal profit as well because the same way I might also get to learn more about the commands I am using and also there must be a lot of Linux lovers who are surfing around various blogs and forums searching for their answers and solutions, so they might also get something worth stop browsing and taking a look by on my notes.
I come across various types of error messages in my day to day experience while working on Linux platform on different servers. So most of the time I had to surf around the web to look out for the solution which is really time taking and requires a lot of patience. Here I will try my best to share my knowledge and all the other tips and tweaks related to Linux. Well I am no genius, am just a simple guy who makes mistakes and learns so it is a request if at any of my post you feel I have written something wrong do correct me by sending me a mail or posting a comment.
I would be glad if you post your errors which you get while using my configuration steps or any other post so that I can help you resolve here itself and it might be useful for all the visiting users in the long run.
Please feel free to post your valuable feedback and views regarding my blog. Also I would welcome your suggestions to improve my website in any possible way.

You can reach me here CONTACT ME