6 commands to list the logged in users in Linux

I have already written an article to check the last login time of individual respective user and also with the commands and files which can be used to track last login attempts of individual users

How to Increase swap memory size in Linux

You must have faced a condition when you need to increase your swap size. Well I faced one when I was trying to install Oracle Database and I was out of swap memory. I will

How to create samba share in Linux

Samba server is used as a Domain Controller as well as creating network share which can be used to transfer data between windows and Linux. NOTE: Make sure you take a backup of all the configuration

DNS server related errors

These are some of the issues which I had faced while working on the DNS server along with their solution. Kindly update me in the comment box with any other errors or problem you face

How to configure NFS server in Linux

Network File System (NFS) is used to transfer data within multiple Linux systems. These are the steps you need to follow to configure NFS server in RedHat and CentOS operating system Prerequisites Check if the

How to configure DHCP server in Linux

Dynamic Host Configuration protocol (DHCP): This server is very useful if you are running a company with multiple clients where it becomes hard to manually assign the IP address manually so you redirect the client to