How to disable or enable ipv6 in Linux

In another article I have shared step by step guide to configure IPv6 in Linux with examples and in this article I will share the steps to disable and enable ipv6 in Red Hat Enterprise

How to blacklist or disable USB module in Red Hat 7

To improve security in our environment many times we have to blacklist certain modules from getting loaded in our setup to avoid any security leak. The provided procedure is tested with Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Tutorial for SYSLOG with Examples in Red Hat Linux

I have written another article with step by step instructions to redirect specific messages to different a log file from /var/log/messages so that your messages file is not filled up with unwanted eventsSyslog is one

How to create user without useradd command in Linux

Follow these steps to create a user without using useradd command in Red Hat Linux. Step 1 Add an entry of user details in /etc/passwd The field details are as shown below username:password:UID:GID:Comments:Home_Directory:Login Shell #