Samba 4.1 as Active Directory configuration guide

  I have written one more article with the steps to configure FreeIPA server and client which can also act as an alternate to Microsoft Active Directory. And since FreeIPA is a GUI based, it can be a better alternative then Samba4. In my earlier post I had shown you the steps to install and configure Samba … Read more

Changing password for Administrator in Samba4

Now when you have a successful running Samba4 domain server, you might come across a time when you will have to change the Administrator password. Let me show you the steps to do the same: Let us verify the details of the current password. As soon as you create a Kerberos password for authentication against … Read more

Samba4 related commands

If you are using samba4 then you might notice that the samba3 commands would not work with samba4 as you are manually compiling your machine with samba4 package so the commands will vary.  Here I will show you some of the examples of Samba4 commands. samba-tool is used to change the Account settings of the … Read more