What is Virtual memory, paging and swap space ?

Swapping A process normally runs on physical memory where the memory is divided into sets of pages. A page is a 4kb area of memory and is the basic unit of memory with which both kernel and CPU deal. There might be a situation when all the pages in physical memory goes full. In such … Read more

Tutorial for SYSLOG with Examples in Red Hat Linux

I have written another article with step by step instructions to redirect specific messages to different a log file from /var/log/messages so that your messages file is not filled up with unwanted eventsSyslog is one of the most important standards used in Linux as it is the key file which helps you determine the different … Read more

What is a Kernel in Linux?

This is the first question which should come to your mind when you start reading and knowing Linux because without knowing what a kernel is you can not move ahead. Let me help you understand kernel Question What is Linux Kernel? Answer It acts as an interpreter between Linux OS and its hardware. It is … Read more

What is the plus (+) sign in permission in Linux ?

So do you see a plus sign in the permission section in any of your directory. No need to get confused, well it just means that the directory has extra acl permission. We use acl to give individual permission for users or groups on any directory. For eg. I have a directory deepak inside my … Read more

What is . and .. in Unix/Linux ?

So, if you are reading this blog then you are confused with the fact that each of the directory in your linux/unix box contains a”.” and “..” , what does this basically means? Well the answer is really simple, You just need to use a little bit of logic. Let me demonstrate you with an … Read more

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