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    Saturday, August 18, 2012

    How to set or change date and time in Linux

    Here I will show you some steps to set or change the date and time of your Linux machine using CLI

    To view the currently set date and time on your linux machine# date
    To only view the date on your local Linux machine
    # date +%D
    To only view the time on your local Linux machine
    # date +%T
     Now to change the date and time at once
    # date --set "18 Aug 2012 12:39:36"
    18 : date
    Aug : Month
    2012 : Year
    12 : Hour
    39 : Minute
    36 : Second

    Now if you only want to change the date or time
    To change date
    # date +%D -s "20120818"
    To change time
    # date +%T -s "12:48:20"
    All the above commands can also be practiced using --set parameter
    For example"
    # date --set "18 Aug 2012 12:39:36"
    # date +%D --set "20120818"
    # date +%T --set "12:48:20"

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