6 Best Practices For A Successful Cloud Backup

Cloud backup is beneficial to businesses since it makes data more secure and retrieval or recovery so much easier. It reduces the need for traditional backup devices, such as hard drives, tape drives, catalog appliances,

5 reasons to try sports betting

This year, gambling has been in the news more than ever as the world's leading online bookmakers, including the top names from Las Vegas, attempt to dominate the US market. Since online gambling was legalized

How To Keep Your Business Data Secure In The Cloud 

Cloud computing is one of the recent technologies in the business world, and all signs indicate that many enterprises will continue using it for the foreseeable future. It refers to the practice of renting your

Linux Kernel boot time Optimization

Present state of Linux kernel booting process itself is highly optimized. I mean that there is no major deficiency in kernel loading architecture (as it is mostly serialized/linear) and little/no can be changed.  startup assembly

How to Fix ORA-12899: value too large

The other day I was installing Peopletools on a Linux instance when I came across this error and I am sure some body else also might get stuck at this stage so i would like