How to create customized bootable ISO image in RHEL/CentOS 7

I have written separate articles with detailed steps to create a user with encrypted password using kickstart file, or to perform interactive installation using kickstart file and with the steps to save the %pre installation logs as unless you save them, the pre installation logs would be deleted once the installation is successful. For the ... Read more

How to Fix "Informational Exchange message must be encrypted"

This is the error you might get while configuring Openswan. As I received this error when I was configuring openswan to connect my sonicwall vpn. Error: #1: Informational Exchange message must be encrypted Solution: Make sure you have set these parameters in your Sonicwall  IKE (Phase 1) Proposal DH Group: Group 5 (not 2) Encryption: ... Read more

Openswan configuration on Red Hat5 for Sonicwall

Openswan configuration on Red Hat5 for Sonicwall

I really had to struggle a lot to properly configure Openswan on my Red Hat Linux machine so that I can connect to my Sonicwall firewall. Well for others I will leave the steps and will also provide the links of different pages where you can look for a solution for any error they get ... Read more

Linux Kernel boot time Optimization

Linux Kernel boot time Optimization

Present state of Linux kernel booting process itself is highly optimized. I mean that there is no major deficiency in kernel loading architecture (as it is mostly serialized/linear) and little/no can be changed.  startup assembly code (setting up clk,cpu and soc registers) ->  detect memory layout, detect display, setup mmu, setup interrupt  table, enable paging ... Read more

How to Fix ORA-12899: value too large

The other day I was installing Peopletools on a Linux instance when I came across this error and I am sure some body else also might get stuck at this stage so i would like to post the solution for this error.   Error: SQL Error. Error position: 129 Return: 12899 - ORA-12899: value too ... Read more

View the history of commands along with time

Generally when we try to view the history of the commands in Linux then we only see all the commands which are used but not the time when they were used. Here i will show you how you can view the time and date when the commands were used. # history | less 1 service ... Read more

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