Increase security with extended file attributes

This tool is very important for the system administrator to protect important files from getting misused by any other users. The “chattr” utility can be used to secure your important file systems like hosts.allow & hosts.deny /etc/hosts /etc/ssh/* /etc/xinetd.d/* and many more… NOTE: Once you add ‘+i‘ attribute to any file even the root user … Read more

Goldfish on Android Emulator

1.Introduction  This document explains how to download, build and run Goldfish on TI’s ARM Cortex A8 based AM37x Beagleboard-XM.  2.Getting Source Code: Host Setup  2.1.1 Java JDK setup Ubuntu now comes only with OpenJDK which does not work for building the goldfish Android. Please follow the following steps to setup the Sun JDK: Download the … Read more

How to Fix [ORA-00845: MEMORY_TARGET not supported on this system]

This is a very common error which you might face while starting up your oracle database. This happens when your system is out of temporary storage. While starting up the database oracle uses /dev/shm to store temporary files but when it runs out of memory you get this error. Error:sql> startup ORA-00845: MEMORY_TARGET not supported … Read more

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