How to Fix ORA-12899: value too large

The other day I was installing Peopletools on a Linux instance when I came across this error and I am sure some body else also might get stuck at this stage so i would like to post the solution for this error.

SQL Error. Error position: 129 Return: 12899 - ORA-12899: value too large for column "SYSADM". "PS_CAN_GOV_COUNTRY". "DESCR" (actual: 33, maximum: 30)
Error: Unable to insert row 280
Error: SQL execute error for CAN_GOV_COUNTRY
Unsuccessful Completition


Increase the destination column manually as required to insert the rows in that column.
Name                                      Null?    Type
----------------------------------------- -------- ----------------------------
CAN_COUNTRY_CD                            NOT NULL VARCHAR2(5 CHAR)
EFFDT                                     NOT NULL DATE
EFF_STATUS                                NOT NULL VARCHAR2(1 CHAR)
DESCR                                     NOT NULL VARCHAR2(30 CHAR)
DESCRSHORT                                NOT NULL VARCHAR2(10 CHAR)
sql> alter table PS_CAN_GOV_SCHOOL modify DESCR VARCHAR2(35);
Table altered.
sql> commit;
Commit complete.