Oracle Database (QUIZ)

NOTE: Each correct answer would give you 5 points Which portion of the System Global Area, also known as SGA holds information about changes made to the database? The redo log buffer The database buffer cache

How to generate ER diagram using Oracle SQL developer

Tool Used : SQL Developer version 3.1.07 Schema Used : HR Tables Used : Countries, Departments, Employees, Job_History, Jobs, Locations, Regions Navigate the below path and step by step screen shots: File > Data Modeler

How to Fix "Xlib: No protocol specified"

While installing Oracle database I was getting this error. I searched various blogs and forums and found out many solutions but lastly I got one solution which worked for me. But well I will post

Oracle database 10gR2 installation in RedHat 5.4

In this post I'll show you the steps required to install Oracle Database 10g Release 2 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4 (64-bit) Assuming you have downloaded Oracle Database 10g R2 from their official website.

How to Fix ORA-12899: value too large

The other day I was installing Peopletools on a Linux instance when I came across this error and I am sure some body else also might get stuck at this stage so i would like