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    Saturday, January 25, 2014

    Interview Questions on Linux Networking with Answers

    1. How do you perform NIC teaming?

    2. What is the difference between TCP and UDP protocol?

    3. What are the benifits of NIC Teaming?

    4. Mention all the network configuration files you would check to configure your ethernet card

    5. What is the the use of /etc/resolv.conf?

    6. What is the use of /etc/hosts file?

    7. What is the command to check all the open ports of your machine?

    8. What is the command to check all the listening ports and services of your machine?

    9. How can you make a service run automatically after boot?

    10. What are the 6 run levels of linux? And how can you configure your script to run only when the system boots into GUI and not to any other runlevel

    11. What is a 3 way handshake protocol? Give an example of it

    12. What are the possible ways to check if your system is listening to port 67