Interview Questions on VMware ESXi with Answers

1. What is a Hypervisor? It is a program that allows multiple operating systems to share a single hardware host. Each operating system appears to have the host's processor, memory, and other resources all to

Interview Questions on Linux Servers with Answers

How can you create a password less connection between multiple Linux machine? To create a password less authentication we need to use RSA or DSA key authentication. RSA and DSA are used as an algorithm

Linux Interview General Questions with Answers

Explain in detail the Linux booting procedure When a Linux machine is powered on BIOS loads up first. It will prompt you to select boot device which can be Hard disk, CD-ROM, Floppy drive, Network etc. By

Interview Questions on Linux Permissions with Answers

1.What is the difference between SUID and SGID? Understanding special permission SUID Understanding special permission SGID   2. What is Sticky Bit permission? Understanding special permission Sticky Bit   3. What is umask? In computing,