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  • How to generate ER diagram using Oracle SQL developer

    Tool Used : SQL Developer version 3.1.07
    Schema Used : HR
    Tables Used : Countries, Departments, Employees, Job_History, Jobs, Locations, Regions

    Navigate the below path and step by step screen shots:

    File > Data Modeler > Import > Data Dictionary

    1# Select DB Connection and click on next

    2# Select Schema/DB you wish to import and select Import to New Relational Model and click on next  

    3# select the objects you wish to import and click on next and finish

    4# E-R relationship diagram is created between list of tables

    5# You can save and print ER relationship by following below path

    File > Data Modeler > Print Diagram or Print

    I hope I made my self clear. Please let me know your success and failures.

    How to generate ER diagram using Oracle SQL developer How to generate ER diagram using Oracle SQL developer Reviewed by Unknown on Wednesday, March 19, 2014 Rating: 5


    1. Thanks DUDE......... It is very useful to me.. I had a struck like anything... But becze of ur post I found the solution.......

      1. Thanks for your feedback, I am glad it was helpful.


    2. I use Oracle SQL Developer Version
      But I couldn't found the Data Modeler Menu.
      How come?
      Please give me an advice.

    3. Great Dude,It really helpfull

    4. Thanks Friend for sharing this tips with us all...It really helped to me!!!

    5. I followed these steps with a DB containing 800+ tables, and there are no visible connections/lines drawn between the tables.. What am I doing wrong?


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