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  • How to exclude some directories from find command in Linux

    There can be cases where you are searching for a file but you want to exclude some particular directories from the search.

    -prune is used to ignore files and directories from your search

    Lets see some examples

    Exculde "work" directory in your search to find "myfile" document.
    NOTE: I have placed the same copy inside "deepak" and "work" directory

    The below command will lookout for all the files with name "myfile" inside /root/
    # find /root/ -name myfile -type f

    To exclude "work" directory
    # find /root/ -path '/root/work' -prune -o -name myfile -type f -print

    Also if you don't want to give complete path of the excluded directory, you can use the -name argument

    # find /root/ -name 'work' -prune -o -name myfile -type f -print

    In the above case any directory with name "work" would be excluded from the find command

    Excluding multiple directories from your search

    Exclude any directory with name work and home
    # find .  \( -name work -o -name home \)  -prune -o -name myfile -type f -print
    NOTE: You can use -o argument in the shown format multiple times as many directories you want to exclude

    To learn more about find command follow the below link
    10 Practical Examples for using FIND Command in Linux

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