15 tips to enhance security of your Linux Server

It is not possible for me to tell you with all the possible features because that is out of my knoweldge level but I will try to put everything I know which can be used to make sure that your Linux server security is not compromised. 1. hosts.allow and hosts.deny These two files are explicitly … Read more

Preventing security breaches with ExecShield

ExecShield is designed to prevent security breaches caused by software programs written to crawl through the Internet looking for systems with common vulnerabilities such as worms and viruses. It is enabled in the kernel and works in a way that is non intrusive to the user. Its goal is not to defend against the expert … Read more

How to fix “unexpected KEYWORD, expecting $end [type]”

How to fix

This error is very common and simple which you might get when trying to restart ipsec services. Please follow the below solution in case you get this error   Error: unexpected KEYWORD, expecting $end [type] # service ipsec restart failed to start openswan IKE daemon – the following error occured: can not load config ‘/etc/ipsec.conf’: … Read more

Increase security with extended file attributes

This tool is very important for the system administrator to protect important files from getting misused by any other users. The “chattr” utility can be used to secure your important file systems like hosts.allow & hosts.deny /etc/hosts /etc/ssh/* /etc/xinetd.d/* and many more… NOTE: Once you add ‘+i‘ attribute to any file even the root user … Read more

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