Do You Need A VPN When Running Linux?

Lately, internet users (read: everyone) are in a bit of a frenzy regarding online security. Antivirus and antimalware software is soaring in popularity. There are a million VPN apps for your smartphone (most of which don’t work). And everyone is telling you to stop what you’re doing and subscribe to one. But why do you … Read more

Choosing The Right VPN As A Linux User

We use Linux for many reasons. Security is just one of them, but it’s undeniable that Linux is more secure than other operating systems. Securing our data is especially important to us, since our devices contain a lot of our personal information. Without the requisite protection, we open ourselves up to identity theft. Choosing the … Read more

How to blacklist or disable USB module in Red Hat 7

To improve security in our environment many times we have to blacklist certain modules from getting loaded in our setup to avoid any security leak. The provided procedure is tested with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Before starting with the blacklisting let us validate our usb module is properly loaded # lsmod | grep -i … Read more

How to configure and analyze kdump for kernel panic in Red Hat Linux 6

How to configure and analyze kdump for kernel panic in Red Hat Linux 6

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