Comparison Type 1 vs Type 2 Hypervisor

Before moving ahead with the types let us understand the meaning of an hypervisor.   What is Hypervisor? A Hypervisor also known as Virtual Machine Monitor (VMM) can be a piece of software, firmware or

Disk Attachment Technology FC vs SAS vs iSCSI

In this article I will try to brief about the methods used for attaching hard disk to servers. Mainly it can be separated into 3 categories as shown below  Fibre Channel (FC)  Serial-Attached SCSI (SAS)

Understanding UMASK value in Linux

What is umask value? In computing, umask is a command that determines the default permission to be set on any file or directory is created. It also refers to a function that sets the mask,

Overview of services used in Red Hat Cluster

Below are a list of services used in Red Hat Cluster.   ccsd This is an abbreviation used for Cluster Configuration System daemon This is responsible for loading /etc/cluster/cluster.conf and managing configuration versions ccsd is